Act 46: A Step In The Right Direction

On September 22, the Burlington Free Press ran an opinion piece by Art Woolf that asserts that Act 46 “can’t meaningfully reduce property taxes.” In his piece, Woolf was critical of the the unification plan being proposed by the RED Study Committee. In particular, he questioned the actual cost savings that would be realized in a unified school district. Continue reading


Take Part in Upcoming Community Forums to Discuss Unification

Run for the New School Board | Final Report | FAQ | VT Digger Article
After months of study, a committee of 20 citizens of Essex Junction, Essex Town and Westford have unanimously proposed creating a unified school district among our three communities. A unified school district is a wise choice because it will enable greater educational opportunities for our students at a lower administrative cost, help stabilize property tax rates over time, and preserve our great schools. Continue reading