Meeting #9 – 06.09.15

Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Essex High School, Library
6:30 – 9:00


One thought on “Meeting #9 – 06.09.15

  1. Al Bombardier says:

    From: Al Bombardier
    Subject: Feedback/comments
    Reference: Tuesday, June 9, 2015 meeting

    Hi All:
    Your service to our community is appreciated … Thank you.

    Just wanted to take a minute to share my view on two items.

    1. “At large” VS “Proportional” voting

    Assume for a moment that Westford joined the union
    as an “At large” member. What are their chances in
    electing a member to the board. Answer: Near zero!

    Recent actual voting totals are as follows:

    Westford 250+/- while the Essex Jct and Town are
    about 2000+/-. With an 8:1 EJ/ET advantage there would be
    little chance of a Westford candidate overcoming these odds.

    Thus no representation.

    How would the Westford community react?

    If you lived in Westford how would you react?

    For EJ and ET it’s more of a urban density /history VS rural/open

    In my fourteen years as a community watcher I know that
    Proportional sets a high standard for fairness, equity and in
    bringing diverse needs to the table. No political themes or “us VS them”.

    The focus is on doing what’s best for students/community
    while letting the Census data determine the board makeup.

    2. Financial realism or smoke and mirrows?

    Sooner or later we may be forced to jump into some very cold water.

    * A $60 million combined budget with $1.3 million in reductions is only 2%.

    * Pre K add 2 cents on the property tax

    * 2015 Blue Cross Blue Shield requested a 2015 9% cost increase.
    It’s only a matter time before school health costs increase
    * State budget deficits are shifting school costs to taxpayers.

    * 2% cap and a new Cadillac tax.

    * State construction aid …. gone.

    ” June 2015 …Governor announces next years budget deficit at 50-70 million.

    The next five years clearly provide an opportunity to bend the cost curve.


    * Secure expert guidance and utilize projection modeling systems/scenarios.

    * Collect and prioritize school capital plans. How do they affect the tax rate?

    * Hold business managers accountable for a five year cost reduction plan.

    * Incorporate the five year reduction plan into Superintendent’s “Annual Work Plan”

    Al Bombardier


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